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Looking for partner(s) to help build and maintain an online arts community website…?

I am going to purchase the domain and hosting… For anyone who has free time and is interested in art and web design.An online community hub for beginner artists/digital artists. I want its main light to be a forum/message board, but potentially could feature anything – artist features/tutorials/news. The forum would have many categories including [...]

Help. My website doesn’t appear in main search engines – yahoo, msn…?

I have a website using just host web hosting and I recently upgraded to the submission hub – to help improve hits or make my site viewable through the main search engines such as yahoo, msn, ask, altavista, and so on. I tried searching for my site through these engines about two weeks after paying [...]

Hosting a Website Questions?

I wanted to purchase a subdomain over at Since it’s been awhile since I’ve had a page up (When Geocities had number addresses and their size limits) I wanted to know if anyone could answer the following for me. 1. Lets say I get a domain ( for example) and someone else I know [...]

What are the costs associated with owning a website?

I plan on starting a website and I was wondering what costs might be associated in this act. I know about how much the domain name will cost me and I’ve already chosen my host. So, aside from this, are there any online related costs to starting a site? I’ve been hearing about this bandwidth [...]

How do I assign a domain name to a separate directory of my website?

Here’s my specific scenario… I have both web hosting with Web Hosting Hub as well as a domain name. ( I have built another site under a separate directory, and assigned it a subdomain… ( I have registered a domain name at GoDaddy. ( I need ( to be assigned to the “something” directory. Right [...]