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When I update my web site on a USA located host, why does it take 24 hours for someone in Thailand to see it?

Sometimes the site updates immediately, but often takes 24 hours. I heard there may be a hub in Taiwan that may not get updated with the new info immediately. So someone in the USA will see the update immediately but someone surfing the web in Thailand only sees an old copy. This is not a [...]

How do I use outlook express on my Omnia?

I need help setting up my outlook express on my onmia with my school email… i need help here is a little info about my school system… Gainesville state college Mailbox owner: Travis Rawlins (924196156) [] User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20081217 Dealio Toolbar 3.4 Firefox/ Outlook Web Access experience: [...]

What are the costs associated with owning a website?

I plan on starting a website and I was wondering what costs might be associated in this act. I know about how much the domain name will cost me and I’ve already chosen my host. So, aside from this, are there any online related costs to starting a site? I’ve been hearing about this bandwidth [...]

FTP is it BT or Web Hosting company blocking access?

Suddenly having problems using FTP from my Home Hub 2. How can I check if the FTP access problems I am having are caused by BT or by my web hosting company? I have two BT accounts one of them (business line) works fine with FTP to my web hosting company, however when I try [...]

How do I assign a domain name to a separate directory of my website?

Here’s my specific scenario… I have both web hosting with Web Hosting Hub as well as a domain name. ( I have built another site under a separate directory, and assigned it a subdomain… ( I have registered a domain name at GoDaddy. ( I need ( to be assigned to the “something” directory. Right [...]